A Brief History

Lower Main Street in Waterford Virginia from a 1905 postcard

Lower Main Street in Waterford Virginia from a 1905 postcard

Well into the 20th century most Americans lived and worked on farms or in small towns much like this one. Few of those places remain much as they were.

Waterford, miraculously, is one that has.

Walk with us through time for clues to Waterford’s character and tenacity. It is a story of ordinary people who did extraordinary things. They built a thriving town from wilderness; they endured a long and bloody war that threatened to destroy it; and in good times and bad they held tightly to their vision of a special place.

Waterford was founded about 1733 by Amos Janney, a Quaker from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Other Quakers followed him there. Mills were built along Catoctin Creek. The village grew until it was the second largest town in Loudoun County (this was before the Civil War). Many buildings still in use in the village were built before 1840.

Known as Janney’s Mill until the 1780s, the early commercial center then became the village of Waterford.

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