Waterford Foundation Committees

With the Foundation’s limited funding, our volunteers allow it to further its mission with their expertise and efforts.

Development and Special Projects Committee

The committee has responsibility for membership, community outreach and fundraising events and for other income generating initiatives, including approaches to major donors, planned giving, the annual appeal, and capital campaigns.

Meredith Imwalle (Chair) Ed Lehmann
Kathleen Hughes Stephanie Thompson
Gail Hunt  Tom Keuhhas, Liaison

Education and Collections Committee

The committee is responsible for developing and managing educational and cultural programs for the Foundation, such as the Second Street School Living History Program. The committee also preserves and maintains the archives and local history collection

Sarah Hollway (Chair) Neil Hughes
Ann Belland Judy Jackson
Edith Crockett Bronwen Souders
Kathleen Hughes Lee Stone
Tom Keuhaas, Liaison

Fair Business Management Committee

The committee is responsible for strategic planning of the Waterford Fair as both a fundraiser and as an educational outreach program Its efforts include communications, marketing, business sponsorships, product development, merchandising and ticket pricing. The committee makes recommendations to the Board to ensure sustained success of the Waterford Fair and of public/membership events held in conjunction with the Waterford Fair.

Bonnie Getty (Chair) Ed Lehmann
Peggy Bednarik Debbie Morris
Roy Chaudet Schuyler Richardson
Sharyn Franck Wendy Roseberry
Hans Hommels Susan Sutter
Kathleen Hughes
Tracy Kirkman, Liaison

Finance Committee

The committee oversees the Foundation’s financial policies and affairs, including its accounts and investments. It also develops the Foundation’s annual budget for each fiscal year.

John Caron (Chair) Kathleen Elder
Nancy Doane Joe Goode
Tom Keuhhas, Liaison

Land Use Committee

The committee is responsible for developing and monitoring a sound landscape preservation strategy for the National Historic Landmark and for supporting Loudoun County in its efforts to maintain the integrity of the Waterford Historic and Cultural Conservation District. The Committee also manages permanent easements held or donated by the Foundation.

David Chamberlin  Frank Kenesson
Kathleen Elder Phil Paschall
Christine Gleckner  Karl Riedel
Jeff Huber Susan Rogers
Margaret Good, Liaison

Phillips Farm Committee

The committee ks responsible for effective stewardship of the 144-acre Phillips Farm to ensure that its activities and practices are consistent with guidelines of the conservation easement with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation and with the Waterford Foundation’s Management and Land Use plan, including development of programs that seek to further protect and foster understanding of the Phillips Farm’s unique agriculture, historic, and natural resources.

Rob Hale (Chair) Jim McIntosh
David Chamberlin Phil Paschall
Joe Coleman Richard Rogers
Miriam Westervelt John Souders
Sarah Holway Margaret Good, Liaison

Property Planning and Management Committee

The committee provides for the maintenance and custody of the Foundation’s buildings and grounds, makes and executes policies and plans for the preservation, restoration, use, and rental of the Foundation’s buildings and grounds, and develops and maintains an inventory of the Foundation’s real and personal property.

Bill McGuire (Chair) Cary Gravatt
Ted Droppa Ed Lehmann
Tom Edmonds Sue McGuire
Laurie Goddin Bern O’Dell
Jim Gosses  Bob Schmitt
Margaret Good, Liaison