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Almost 70 years later, the Waterford Homes Tour & Crafts Exhibit has become a hugely popular annual event, highlighting the village’s early history as a commercial center, as well as its special architecture. Other activities of the Waterford Foundation include educational outreach, such as afternoon tours of the village and overseeing a living history program for metropolitan area students at the old one-room school on Second Street for African Americans. It also manages a concert series and maintains an active local history collection.

The Foundation’s most critical work, however, is to preserve the unique legacy of the village and its setting. The great challenge is to prevent the explosive growth of Loudoun County from overwhelming Waterford and devouring remaining farmland.

Waterford Fair house tour

Waterford Fair house tour

One useful tool has been an easement program initiated by the Foundation in 1974 to protect historic properties from inappropriate change. The village now has 93 such easements within the landmark area, the highest number of easements in one area in Virginia. Still, the battle is not yet won, and the Foundation needs the support of all who appreciate what makes Waterford worth saving.