Waterford Landmark Society


Join the Waterford Foundation’s Landmark Society.

Join with those who are making significant donations to ensure that the Waterford Foundation can continue to preserve the Waterford National Historic Landmark and teach visitors about its impact on American history. A gift of $1,000 or more qualifies you for membership in our Landmark Society.

Since 1733, this little town has survived wars, fires, floods, and storms—including the one that recently forced the cancellation of the 2015 Waterford Fair, a first in its 72 years of existence. Concern for the safety of demonstrators, volunteers, and guests, along with the urgent recommendations of Loudoun County Emergency Management and the Governor’s Declaration of a State of Emergency, forced us to make this difficult decision.

Cancelling the celebrated Waterford Fair this year meant that the Foundation lost 65 percent of its annual income. To launch the 2016 Fair, as well as other vital programming, we need your help: 100 families giving $1,000 or more would go a long way toward helping us weather this storm.

Your timely gift of $1,000 or more will add your name to those determined to keep this remarkably preserved little piece of American history alive for new generations. For 72 years, we’ve saved, preserved, and shared the National Historic Landmark’s historic old buildings, its green and open spaces, and its nearly 300 years of rural American history. We cannot—we must not—stop these preservation efforts.

Your gift will help us preserve this unique heritage for many generations to come. By joining the Landmark Society, you will be joining with others who share your vision and  ensure the survival of the Waterford National Historic Landmark.

We thank you for your support at this crucial time.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beach
Ms. Jill Beach
Mr. and Mrs. David Bednarik
Mr. and Mrs. James J Behan
Ms. Alice Bishop
Ms. Steffanie Burgevin
Mr. John Caron and Ms. Nancy J. Doane
Catoctin Preservation Foundation
The Charles Delmar Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Chaudet
Mr. Thomas N Edmonds and Ms. Schuyler Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzhugh O. Elder
Ms. Marilyn Gentry
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W Getty, Jr.
Ms. Christine E. Gleckner and Mr. Clay Steward
Ms. Elizabeth Glidden-Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Goddin
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Good
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goode
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gosses
Dr. and Mrs. Claude C. Gravatt, Jr.
Mr. Charles Harenza
Mr. William Hart and Constance Eaton
Mr. Milton Herd
The Peter M. Howard Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N Jackson
Ms. Mary Lafsky
Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mathews
The Betty McGowin Charitable Trust
Rev. and Mrs. W. Brown Morton, III
Mr. Charles ‘Chick’ Pierce
Mr. Mark E. Ricks
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmitt
Ms. Martha Seger
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Souders
Stockwell-Frase Family Foundation
Ms. Mavis Taintor
The Cedars Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Thompson
Waterford Citizens’ Association