Handicapped Accessibility

When Getting Around Is Difficult,
How to Get Around the Fair

October 4, 5 & 6, 2013
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The Waterford Fair takes place throughout the village of Waterford and its surrounding fields. With its hills and uneven roads and sidewalks, it is not easy for physically disabled people to navigate. We offer limited handicapped access facilities and parking. Please call the Waterford Foundation offices (540-882-3018, Ext. 112 or 114) to plan your visit.

  • Is handicapped parking available? Yes, in all five Fair parking lots. As you enter the village, parking personnel will direct you into this area in the appropriate lot. Parking lots are designated by color to help you remember where you parked:
    Schooley Mill – Green Lot
    Huntley Farm – Blue Lot
    Water Street Meadow – Red Lot
    Phillips Farm – Purple Lot*
    *Not recommended unless you are coming from Lovettsville or other points from the northwest).
  • Is there an area where physically disabled people can be dropped off?
    We recommend that you arrive between 8:30 and 10 a.m. so you can park in the Green Lot (Schooley Mill) and park in the designated parking area, then you can proceed right down Second Street to Main Street, and enjoy the Fair on one level. (See the Fair map to plan your visit.) This is the only way we can guarantee an accessible route. When you are ready to leave, call 540-882-3659, and a driver in one of our several golf carts will come to pick you up.
  • Where are the handicapped bathrooms located?
    There are marked handicapped units at the entrance of the Green Lot (Schooley Mill) and in the Schooley Mill Barn Area, Blue Lot (Huntley), and Red Lot (Water Street Meadow).There are no units at the Purple Lot (Phillips Farm). In addition, there are handicapped units at the Bond Street Barn Area, Red Barn Area, and at the rear of the Old School Area.
  • What is the most accessible route for physically impaired people to follow?
    The most level route starts at the Green Lot (Schooley Mill). See the Fair map for this route.
    • Park in the handicapped area or have your companion drop you off at the driveway to the Green Lot, park in the handicap parking spots, and come back to walk with you through The Schooley Mill Area with its potters, painters, weavers, jewelry and furniture makers, Civil War skirmishes, soups, syrups, pulled pork, kabobs, pizzas, and gourmet wraps.
    • Then stroll toward the Second Street School, shopping for Early American floorcloths, wood bowls, handmade baskets, woven rugs, and early American style paper designs along the way. Peek in the windows of the one-room Second Street School , built in 1867 to serve as a school and church for Waterford’s African-American community.
    • Stroll along Second Street, stopping at the historic houses open for the day. You’ll find the history of each in your Fair booklet. Enjoy the artwork in the Red Barn on your way to the exhibitors in that area—carpet bags, Shaker boxes and baskets, jewelry, pottery, decorated gourds, cookie cutters and other tin treasures.
    • Turn left on Main Street and visit the Waterford Foundation Membership Booth. If you are not a member, join us!!! You can help us continue “making history” in the Waterford National Historic Landmark. While you are there, listen to the musicians and watch all the happy fairgoers for awhile.
    • On down Main Street, passing by some of the older homes in the village, and on to the Bond Street Meadow Exhibit Area and John Wesley Churchyard, one of the busiest areas at the Fair, full of exquisite crafts and delectable foods; and, if you can make it up the big Liggett Street hill, wonderful musical performances in the church sanctuary. There are performances most of day on Saturday and Sunday. Consult your Fair booklet for the schedule.
    • Call 540-882-3659 to arrange for golf cart to take you to your parking lot entrance.