Photo Exhibit Participation

A child gets a hands-on lesson about pottery. Image by Jim Hanna

2010 Photography Exhibit Best in Show: “The Potter and the Pupil” by Jim Hanna

How to Enter

The Photography Exhibit is a judged exhibit of framed photographs. Entries are not juried in advance, but entry forms must be obtained from the Waterford Foundation and completed before photographs are delivered for the Exhibit. In the first week of September, send us a request for an entry form along with your mailing address by email, mail (P.O. Box 142, Waterford, Virginia 20197), or telephone us with your request (540.882.3018 x4).
Individuals who entered the Photography Exhibit in the past three years, or who have already requested an application, will automatically receive the Photography Exhibit Prospectus in early September. Additional requests may be submitted before September 20 to the Waterford Foundation at 540 882-3018 x4 or by email.
One photograph may be entered for judging; two, if one is in the Best Loudoun Photograph category.  All photographs submitted for judging must be framed and ready to hang. All framed works must have screw eyes and wires attached. No sawtooth hangers! Photographs mounted on gallery-wrap canvas are not acceptable.
Total outer dimension of the frame must be no larger than 96 inches (e.g., 22 x 26 in. or 24 x 24 in. or comparable.) Names or signatures on photographs must be covered. Masking tape is acceptable; it will be removed after judging.

2014 Judge

Roy Sewall’s interest in photography evolved from extensive travel on six continents. In 2001, he became a full-time professional photographer.
In 2007, Roy became the first Chair of the Board of Directors for the C&O Canal Trust, a nonprofit friends group for the National Park Service. In 2013 he joined the Board of Directors of the Potomac Riverkeeper. Roy has done extensive photography work for government and nonprofit organizations, as well as private and commercial clients.
Roy’s first photography book, Our Potomac, from Great Falls through Washington, D.C., was published in 2005. His second, Great Falls and Mather Gorge, was published in 2009. Roy has been a guest on WETA’s program, Great Views of Washington D.C., the lead photographer in the Best of D.C. 2009, and the lead still photographer in The Nature Conservancy’s video, The Potomac Gorge.
Roy offers private and group instruction to novice and intermediate photographers; he is an instructor at the Capital Photography Center.


● Digital Art (includes abstract, creative, and smartphone photography)
● Architecture
● Portrait
● Landscape
● Still Life
● Nature Studies/Animals
● Photojournalism *
● Waterford Fair/Waterford Scene
● Best Loudoun Photograph *
● Catoctin Creek *
* See Special Category Conditions.
Black and white photographs may be entered in any of the above categories and will also be judged for the best black and white photograph.
The Waterford Foundation reserves the right to reject any entry.

Special Category Conditions

Best Loudoun Photograph: A cash award of $500 is given by Leesburg Today for the winning image.
The photograph may be black and white or color and must:
● be designated for “Best Loudoun” category
● be a minimum of 8 x 10 inches
● indicate where it was taken
● have been taken within the past two years
● not be re-entered from previous contests
● not be tinted or artificially altered, and
● represent the scene without addition or removal of any details.
The winning photograph becomes the property of Leesburg Today. Entrants reserve reproduction rights to winning photographs.
Photographers entering this category may enter one more piece for judging in other categories.
Photojournalism: Photojournalism entries must represent the scene without addition or removal of any details.
Catoctin Creek: Friends of Catoctin Creek sponsors this category, and will purchase the winning photograph for $250. Photos must represent scenic Catoctin Creek from any location from the Waterford Mill downstream to the Potomac. Date and location must be indicated. At exhibitor’s request, judged work may be withheld from sale.
Only exhibitors who enter the judged exhibit may provide additional work for sale.
Due to space limitations, additional work for sale is limited to matted work and/or notecards.  Please do not bring framed work other than works submitted for judging.
Additional work for sale must fit in a display unit provided by the exhibitor. Each exhibitor may bring one display unit such as a small tabletop box or rack.
Commission: 25% on all items sold.
Entries in the Photojournalism and Best Loudoun Photograph categories must represent the scene without addition or removal of any details.
A $500 cash award is given by Leesburg Today for Best Loudoun Photograph, which may be in black and white or color and must have been taken in the past two years, and be a minimum of 8” x 10.” Entries must indicate the location of the image portrayed. Entries from previous contests will not be accepted. The winning entry becomes the property of Leesburg Today and will be on permanent Loan to the Waterford Foundation, Inc.; the entrant reserves reproduction rights and may provide a substitute frame.

Entry Fees

● $30 for one entry in any category
● $35 for two entries—The second entry must be in the Best Loudoun Photograph category
Please make checks payable to the Waterford Foundation.
Each photographer will receive a one-day ticket to the Waterford Fair.

Entry Forms and Labels

Fill in two official labels in black ink for each photograph to be judged.  Tape one on the back of the photograph and hand in the other, which will be used to identify your photograph during the exhibit.
List all work for judging or sale on the entry form. Be sure that same title and price is on the back of each photograph or print for sale. Bring your entry fee and completed entry form and labels when you deliver your photographs.

Photography Sales

A 25% commission is charged on all work sold. At the exhibitor’s request, work submitted for judging may be withheld from sale. Because of space limitations, additional work for sale is limited to matted work and/or note cards. Please do not bring framed work other than works submitted for judging.

Delivery and Removal

Photographs must be delivered to the Red Barn (second floor, 15483 Second Street, Waterford) on Friday. September 26 or Saturday, September 27, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Unsold work must be picked up on Sunday, October 5, between 5 and 6 p.m. or on Monday, October 6, between 9 and 10 a.m. No parking in the Red Barn yard on Sunday.


The utmost care will be taken of all work submitted. However, the Waterford Foundation, Inc., is not responsible for loss or damage and assumes no liability for works not collected on the specified dates. All work is entered at the owner’s risk.