Secrets from Greensleeves Dried Flowers – One Day Class

Instructor: Mary Stanley
In this one-day class, students will go through step by step the growing and drying process of everlasting flowers. Then they will learn how to construct and complete a wreath using dried flowers. Students will also learn how to design a spring table arrangement using pussy willows and other spring flowers. A container for this will be provided. You will learn how to fill your own container to make another lovely table arrangement. So you will have two table arrangements: one to give to a friend perhaps.

Secrets from Greensleeves Dried Flowers, Saturday Only
Class fee: $95 Materials: $50

Making a Floorcloth from Start to Finish

Instructor: Grace Rochford
In this one-day class, students will design a 2’ by 3’ piece of canvas that has already been prepared by the instructor. First they must select a background color of cream or yellow/gold. Instruction will be based on several different diamond designs. A variety of paint colors will be available but if you prefer to bring your own, Glidden Diamond sample sizes are recommended and are available at Home Depot. A selection of stencils will be available as you create your own floorcloth. A protective coating of polycrylic should be applied at home before using.

Making a Floorcloth from Start to Finish, Saturday Only
Class fee: $95 Materials: $80

Caring for Your Old House

Instructor: Tim McGinn
Maintenance is the key to preserving historic structures. The historic features, materials and context need to be part of the equation when undertaking maintenance and repair projects. The class will focus on reading the architectural character of buildings to assist in diagnosing and treating their preservation needs.

Caring for Your Old House
Class fee: $175 Materials: $0

Exploring the Art of Ebru/Turkish Marbling

Instructor: Richard Aldorasi
Through the Silk Road, the art of marbling made its entrance into 15th century Turkey. This workshop will explore the preparation of the wide range of colors used in Turkish (ebru) marbling. You will learn the mixing of sizing (the liquid bath the colors are placed on). Floating pictures and swirling patterns are created on top of the bath using applicator bottles and brushes made from broom straw and horsehair and special tools (rakes and combs),thus producing one-of-a-kind floating pictures. The patterns are then transferred onto a variety of papers and silk fabrics. We will learn the elegant method of figuring; thus producing the floral effects that have for centuries captured the minds and hearts of this Ottoman /Islamic art. Participants will also explore the wide range of contemporary marbling.

Exploring the Art of Ebru/Turkish  Marbling
Class fee: $175 Materials: $60

A Gathering, Shaker Basket Weaving

Instructor: Karen Wychock
Students will weave one or two gathering baskets in small, medium, or large depending on whether they sign up for the one-day or two day class. The body will be woven over a wood mold of reed with an oak handle. Lashing will be done with ash. There will be a variety of dyed reed to work with or students may decide to keep their basket natural in color. But first students will learn how to prepare the materials, lay out their base and then weave the sides of the basket. Rims and handles will then be attached as will oak runners using copper brads.

A Gathering, Shaker Basket Weaving
Class fee One Day: $95 Materials: $25, Saturday Only

Class fee Two Day: $175 Materials: $45