Instructor: Richard Aldorasi
Through the Silk Road, the art of marbling made its entrance into 15th century Turkey. This workshop will explore the preparation of the wide range of colors used in Turkish (ebru) marbling. You will learn the mixing of sizing (the liquid bath the colors are placed on). Floating pictures and swirling patterns are created on top of the bath using applicator bottles and brushes made from broom straw and horsehair and special tools (rakes and combs),thus producing one-of-a-kind floating pictures. The patterns are then transferred onto a variety of papers and silk fabrics. We will learn the elegant method of figuring; thus producing the floral effects that have for centuries captured the minds and hearts of this Ottoman /Islamic art. Participants will also explore the wide range of contemporary marbling.

Exploring the Art of Ebru/Turkish  Marbling
Class fee: $175 Materials: $60