Give your kitchen a break next Sunday (April 19th)— Ford’s Fish Shack will be in the village!
Pre-order online:  “Family Meal 4 four + more”. Orders must be received by 4:00 PM on April 18th for Waterford’s delivery on April 19th.
If anybody has a neighbor(s) that is single/couple, there are add-ons on the menu. You can offer to put their items on your family order so they can give their kitchen a break too!
Order online through Ford’s website:
Dinner options: 
Taco Bar
Crab Cake Dinner
Beef Tenderloin
Order Instructions:
Click on the crab cake, taco, or beef tenderloin image to get started
Select delivery option “Sunday, April 19…”
Check boxes for any add-on items as desired
Click “Add to Cart”
Click “View Cart”
Click “Proceed to Checkout”
You do not need to create a log in; scroll to the bottom and click “Continue”, complete as instructed to pre-pay.
Pick up your order from 4:00 to 4:30 PM, Sunday, April 19th at:
Waterford Old School
40222 Fairfax St.
Please be prompt and practice good social distancing when you pick up.
Thank you!
Your friends at the Waterford Citizens Association & the Waterford Foundation