Instructor: Pamela M. Foster
In the July Caning class, students will learn the history, origin, and preservation of woven seats. They will learn how to prepare the materials to be used and what size cane to use. Then they will learn the six-step standard pattern which is the most widely used and the strongest. The chair seat itself will be the “loom” with holes drilled around the frame for the cane to be woven through. When the six steps are finished, binder cane and lacing will be applied to cover the holes and knotted to finish the bottom.

Ms. Foster can provide a cedar folding “fishing” chair for students to cane for a materials cost of $100. If students want to provide their own chair to cane, it must have fewer than 70 holes. Materials would then be $20. This is a two day class. Students will leave with a finished product.

Introduction to Hand Woven Cane
Class fee: $175 Materials: $20, provide your own chair

Class fee: $175 Materials: $100, chair provided