COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on artisans around the world. Please join us in supporting our Waterford Landmark Artisans who have been the heart of our Fair and long-time supporters of the Waterford Foundation.

Waterford Landmark Artisan Program

Artisans invited to participate in the Fair receive the designation Waterford Landmark Artisan, a distinction recognizing them for their high level of artistry and craftsmanship. After the artisan has participated in the Fair for 3 or more years, their work is evaluated for several key factors including: it is made by hand, based off of a traditional method (may be contemporary or traditional in design), and the artisan continues to show a passion for educating fairgoers and demonstrating their art or craft in a manner fitting with the Fair’s setting. Artisans are evaluated each year thereafter (participation is not guaranteed), ensuring the Fair continues its tradition of bringing high quality American artisans and master craftspeople to Waterford.

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