The Foundation established an endowment Fund in 2007 following a member bequest.  Endowment funds are strategic gifts that grow over subsequent years–our fund has appreciated by nearly fifty percent since it was established.  They are also unique gifts—they are the only ones that keep on giving over the years as the endowment grows.  It is a gift that reinforces the donor’s desire to ensure continued support in the future.

An endowment fund, also known as a permanent funds, is an invested pool of money that provides a reliable source of income in perpetuity. Once our endowment has met the minimum principal balance, the Foundation can count on annual distributions to fund its work. Make an endowment gift today using the form below, or send a check to the Waterford Foundation, PO Box 142 Waterford, VA 20197. To restrict your gift to the endowment, write “endowment gift” on the memo line of your check.

Fund Administration

The Fund is managed by the Waterford Foundation Finance Committee.  Governance of the Fund is dictated by a written set of Fund policies that ensure continuity of administration.  Donations are invested in a portfolio of indexed mutual funds that balance growth and income.

Why Donate?

Your endowment gift will be a donation in perpetuity—it will never be spent.  The dividends earned from your gift will be used for Foundation programs and activities.  Your gift will continue to earn and continue to support our mission for generations.  This unique feature of endowments magnifies your gift beyond what you may have been able to give during your life.

An endowment gift will perpetuate your values in the wake of change; it provides assurance that Foundation programs that are important to you will survive.  Because an endowment gift will be invested permanently, it will serve as a permanent tribute to you and extend your values for future generations. It offers you a sense of immortality, a way to define your place now and in the future through support of our mission.

How to Donate

Endowment donation can be made as a one-time gift, as a recurring gift or as a bequest.  Many donors make larger endowment gifts, often through planned giving vehicles, than they dreamed were possible. Endowment gifts are sometimes the donor’s last (and largest) gift to the organizations they value most. Donors can receive great satisfaction from making a significant contribution from assets accumulated over their lifetimes. In the case of deferred or planned gifts, the gifts may be the donors’ final acts of contributing to the organization or the work that they find most valuable.

For more information please contact the Foundation’s Executive Director at