We are pleased to welcome you as new residents of our shared National Historic Landmark of Waterford.  The 1,420 acres including the village and its surrounding open space were designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970. This is the highest designation of historic significance possible in our country and places Waterford on par with Mount Vernon and Monticello – a rare honor. Landmark designation was based on what the U.S. Secretary of the Interior perceived as an extraordinary balance between the buildings of an intact 18th – 19th century rural mill town and the unspoiled agricultural setting that surrounds it. The farmland surrounding the village, sited along the South Fork of the Catoctin Creek, gave rise to mills. As the mills thrived, the village evolved around them, and supporting commercial enterprises emerged. Waterford is also rare in that it is still a living community.

Now that you are living here, we want to provide you with information that may be useful as you settle into our unique community.  First, let us explain the two organizations that have made Waterford such an exceptional village, either or both of which you are welcome to join.

The Waterford Foundation

Founded in 1943, the Waterford Foundation is one of America’s first community-based historic preservation organizations. Our mission is to preserve the historic buildings and open spaces of the National Historic Landmark of Waterford, Virginia, and, through education, to increase the public’s knowledge of life and work in an early American rural community. We invite you to join us in fulfilling this mission as a Waterford Foundation member, donor, and/or volunteer. The Waterford Fair, along with other programs sponsored by the Waterford Foundation such as the Second Street School program and the Waterford Craft School, helps support the mission of preservation and education.  You can access our website here:  https://www.waterfordfoundation.org/

The Waterford Citizens Association

The Waterford Citizens’ Association (WCA) was established in 1954 to support the citizens of the Waterford School District in the preservation of our historic heritage and to promote citizen involvement in the Waterford community.  The WCA hosts the Fourth of July Celebration, monitors citizen concerns, beautifies the neighborhood, and offers many opportunities for volunteering.  You can access their website and get information on membership here: https://www.waterfordcitizens.org/

Waterford 2033 Project

There is currently an effort underway in which the Waterford Foundation and WCA are working collaboratively to envision infrastructure, sustainability, and other improvements needed in the NHL.  The project was named Waterford 2033 as a nod to preparing for the 300th anniversary of Waterford’s founding. The Foundation and WCA created an ad hoc Committee to drive the visioning and, eventually, planning of work to be done.  All NHL residents are welcome to join in this effort and can do so by contacting the Chair of the Committee, Cate Magennis Wyatt ([email protected]).

Living in the Historic District

Because we are a designated Historic District, there are guidelines which, if you are not already aware, you should be informed. You can learn more about guidelines and restrictions that may apply to your property under the Loudoun County Historic District Guidelines here:  https://www.loudoun.gov/1871/Historic-District-Guidelines. If you are living in a historic home, you can find good information on best practices in renovation and upkeep from the National Park Service https://www.nps.gov/tps/standards.htm.

If your home is under a preservation easement of any kind, review the provisions and regulations of the easement carefully to ensure that any work you do is done within the guidelines that govern your easement.  Although these may sound constraining, each organization offers experts in all fields of restoration and their advice is free!

Hiking the Phillips Farm Interpretive Trail is a favorite pastime.  Enjoy the 1.5 mile hike that takes you through protected wetland. You can learn more about the trail, the natural habitat it shares, and trail rules here:  https://www.waterfordfoundation.org/phillips-farm-land-use/

There is a Waterford Facebook Page, “Friends of Waterford, Virginia”, on which many residents share information about events, preservation ideas, and other issues of local interest. Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2486315331651427.

The Waterford Fair is held the first full weekend in October each year and features juried artisans demonstrating historic crafts, wonderful food and drinks, music, and many other activities. Volunteers make it all happen – learn more here:  https://www.waterfordfairva.org/.

The Waterford Concert Series features distinguished, nationally recognized musicians four to six times each year with performances held in The Old School Auditorium You can learn more about the series here:  https://waterfordconcertseries.org/

Prepare for some wonderful holiday celebrations in the village.  The WCA sponsors Fourth of July and other celebrations.  Waterford Elementary School sponsors an amazing village Halloween event that is fun for all ages.

Businesses in the village: 

There are also two artists’ studios in town:

There is a fitness collective, Evry.bdy Fitness, that offers workout classes online and in-person at the John Wesley Church.  There is no charge for taking part in their classes.  You can learn more about this group here:  https://www.facebook.com/evrybdyfitness

There are three vineyards within the NHL:

 Houses of Worship

Supporting the Waterford Foundation

As a neighbor, please feel free to drop by our office, located in The Old School on Fairfax Street, to learn more about us and how you might become involved.  We always welcome volunteers, new members, and all donors! Membership is a primary support for the Foundation, but you can also donate during giving campaigns or become a sustaining donor, providing an ongoing monthly donation. The annual Waterford Fair is our largest fundraiser, but we also host “Feast with Friends” dinners, among other fundraisers.

There is a giving circle that benefits the Waterford Foundation, Women for Waterford, that hosts educational and social activities: https://www.womenforwaterford.com/

The Foundation is an Amazon Smile charity and you can designate it as the charity you would like to receive the matching funds Amazon provides to non-profits.  Amazon donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases at no cost to you.

We are so pleased to welcome you to Waterford and hope you will call on us to learn more!