Donate: Lantern Light Fund

Donate: Lantern Light Fund

Lloyd Curtis (1861-1948)
of Waterford, VA.

Contribute to the Lantern Light Fund and shine a light on Waterford’s African American Heritage. Waterford’s unique history must be preserved and shared. Some facts about African-Americans in Waterford and our efforts to preserve this history…

  • Prior to the Civil War Waterford was the home of the largest free black population in Loudoun County.
  • African-Americans made up a quarter of Waterford’s households for more than 150 years.
  • Before emancipation, free and enslaved blacks lived side by side
  • Segregation existed in schools, churches, and the cemetery, while homes and business were integrated.
  • Today, the village retains several architectural treasures related to the African-American community, including a one-room school and the John Wesley Community Church.

The Lantern Light Fund honors the men and women of Waterford’s African American community, who worked by lantern light to build the John Wesley Community Church. The Fund will preserve and share the sites, stories, and artifacts of Waterford’s African American community, including:

  • Restoration & maintenance of the John Wesley Community Church
  • Restoration & maintenance of the Second Street School.
  • Operating the Second Street School Living History Program, (offered at no cost to regional elementary schools since 1984).
  • Preservation of artifacts from the African American community
  • Educational outreach including exhibits, publications, and programs.

Donations will benefit the Waterford Foundation’s Lantern Light Fund to preserve and share our African American heritage sites, stories, and artifacts.




To learn more contact

Stephanie Thompson, Executive Director.

540-882-3018 x 5
P.O. Box 142, Waterford, VA. 20197



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