In 2018, the National Park Service began a study to update the National Historic Landmark nomination for the Waterford Historic District. Researchers from the University of Delaware Center for Historic Architecture and Design conducted an extensive inventory of the properties and structures within the 1420 acre Landmark District, identified historically significant features, and developed a more comprehensive description of the period of nationally historic significance of Waterford. The study was augmented in a second phase with oral histories of key participants in Waterford’s 20th century preservation story.

The completed study is appearing before the National Park System Advisory Board National Historic Landmarks Committee in May 2022 for review on its path to approval by the Secretary of the Interior. The final draft of the NHL nomination is now available for public review and comment at the following links:

Waterford Historic District, Loudoun County, Virginia
Executive Summary
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Please check the webpage link below for information on the May 11-12 NHL Committee meeting. The agenda is being finalized and will appear at the bottom of the page when it is ready, along with links for how to register to attend the virtual meeting.

Comments on the update may be sent to Sherry A. Frear, Manager, National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks Program, National Park Service, 1849 C Street NW, Mail Stop 7228, Washington, DC 20240, email: