A National Historic Landmark


The mission of the Waterford Foundation is to preserve the historic buildings and the open spaces of the National Historic Landmark
of Waterford, Virginia and through education to increase the public's knowledge of life and work in an early American rural community.


Second Street School

The Second Street School Program allows third and fourth grade students to recreate a school day in 1880 by taking on the roles of the African-American children who actually attended the school at that time.

Heritage Crafts School

The Waterford Heritage Crafts School seeks to teach and preserve heritage crafts and trades by offering classes to the public taught by experts in each field.

Waterford Fair

It’s a Fair like no other! Tour historic houses, watch juried artisans demonstrate traditional craftsmanship, stroll through the Old Mill and vintage barns transformed into galleries for painting, traditional crafts, dried flowers, and more.

Conservation & Preservation

Educational programs for historic preservation and natural resources protection are underway on the Phillips Farm and the other open spaces that preserve the historic rural landscape.


Virtually unchanged since its founding in 1733, the Village of Waterford is a National Treasure. Learn more about the history of Waterford.

The Quakers

Learn how the Quakers came to Loudoun County, founded the Village of Waterford and made a lasting impact on the area.

African American History

Learn about the African-American experience in Waterford and about the history that is being preserved today.

Phillips Farm

The 144 acre Phillips Farm is now preserved as open space in through a conservation easement held by the Virginia Outdoors Foundation.